Are you in a leadership role? Maybe a manager at work or perhaps just the leader of your house. Ever wonder how to wield this power? What to do when you’re attacked? Well, as Paul defended himself and his leadership against his jealous attackers – we get a great description of a strong leader.

Good Leaders:

  • Have Courage – our charge is to take people from point A to B. Anytime you do that there will be opposition. To do the right thin gin the face of opposition takes courage.
  • Driven By Purpose – stay focused on the main thing. Paul wasn’t trying to please men, but God. The main thing for the CHristian is pleasing God.
  • People of Integrity – Paul didn’t use flattery – he let people see who he really was.
  • People who Care – they care and nurture the one’s they are in charge of.
  • Right with God - righteous (good relationships with others), blameless public reputation, and holy (right relationship with God)

Paul was able to be a strong leader because he let God lead him and he stood firm in his faith. Are you?