God’s grace is sufficient for all of us! It is was cleans off our sin. What gives us the strength to deal with Hardships. What gives us the energy to do the Lord’s work. Praise the Lord for His grace!

  1. Grace to Save us from sin
    Christ died for us even though we did not deserve it. Thankfully we don’t get what we deserve. It was a gift of grace. No on e is too far gone in sin to be redeemed by Christ.
  2. Grace to Deal with hardship
    God is faithful to protect us from anything that is too difficult for us. When we are weak is when “Grace kicks in” that’s when God is working and makes us strong. Grace is amazing because it goes against “common sense” – because it does not rely on us, but on God.
  3. Grace to help us do the Lord’s Work
    Our sufficiency is of God, not of ourselves. He is able to give us the strength, knowledge and opportunity to do His work.
  4. Grace to Forgive us when we ere as Christians
    God is faithful and just to forgive us of anything, no matter the sin. His grace of course is conditioned upon our repentance.

None of us deserve God’s grace (if we deserved it, it wouldn’t be grace!) But, it abounds and is greater than sin. The Gospel is the Good News indeed because our sin is taken away!