In the middle of our trials…being depressed…feeling alone…upset at how we are treated…often we forget that we aren’t the first to experience these terrible things.

Contrary to what is so often espoused on TV being a Christian and following God does not prevent these things from happening – but instead, being a Christian gives us the strength and hope to press on and get through these difficult times.

Think of the prophet Elijah and his depression. David’s fear as he faced Goliath. Joseph and how unfairly he was treated (first by his family and then by Potiphar). Daniel and the lions and how he handled that Crisis.

The Bible is full of ordinary people who were able to do extraordinary things because of the power of God. As Christians we have 3 reasons for hope: God’s Word, the Cross of Christ, and the Empty Tomb of Christ.

Without God and Christ there is no hope, but as Paul tells us in Titus, our hope is built on God who cannot die.