In John 17 Jesus prays for all of us before He started His journey to the cross. I was part of His plan before I was even born and so were you! God chose you! We were in God’s heart from the beginning.

Everyday I wake up I’m part of something that was planned before the foundation of the world. Isn’t that a powerful thought?

As Christians we are rescued from the power of darkness and brought to God’s Kingdom. But we’ve got to be honest with ourselves – where are our desires, allegiances, and thoughts focused? This world or on God?

In the Kingdom God places us just where He desired – as a member of the body with a certain function. We can do so much together! He has equipped each of us so that we can all grow and mature. So that the body can grow. Our differences as members is all a part of His plan so that the body can grow.

What a wonderful calling!