1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Most folks believe that you should be the same person no matter who you are talking to. If you change who you are depending on who’s around you – that’d be considered being “fake”.

So, when Paul says that he will change who he is depending on who is around him so that he can be all things to all people…is he telling us to be fake? Is Paul endorsing hypocrisy?

Of course not!

What Paul is promoting is building bridges. He wants us in the Church to realize, that if we cannot empathize with others then it will be very hard to teach them. If I don’t understand what you are going through…why would you listen to me on how you can be saved from it? You wouldn’t!

To empathize do we need to live their life? Nope! Paul’s not saying that either. He wasn’t going clubbing with the young folks, getting drunk with alcoholics, and visiting places he shouldn’t be. Nope. But, he was trying to understand why these folks were living the life they were so that he could better reach them.

Is it a fine line to walk and do we need to be careful not to get sucked into their lifestyle? Absolutely. If we better understand those that need help, will we be better equipped to reach them? Absolutely.