Are we letting God position us and use us so that we can WIN at this game we call life? In John 9, Jesus makes it very clear that the man that was blind from birth had been afflicted with this terrible loss of eye sight for one reason.

That’s right. He tripped, fell, never saw his wife (if he had one), couldn’t play with friends as a kid, was ridiculed, mocked, and laughed at – all of this for ONE reason.

What was that reason?

So that God could get the glory.

He was positioned so that Jesus’s power could be seen.

In order for us to be in the position to share the Gospel. To let others see God’s glory we have to ask ourselves:

  1. Are we even using the product? Are we living the way God wants us to?
  2. Are we living in a way that says “God use me how You want” or are we trying to TELL God how to use us?
  3. Are we giving of our first fruits? That means time, money, energy – are we giving the best to God?

Tough questions – but ultimately God’s going to get His glory. The question is, are we going to be a willing participant to help spread His good news?