All actions have consequences. We are well aware of that. But, have you ever been beaten down so low that all you can wonder is “Why God?” Where it seems like just one terrible thing after another heads your way. Like trouble is strapped to a heat seeking missile targeting only you.

Sometimes when we are in these low moments we think God is to blame. We blame Him for not delivering us. For not magically solving our problems. For not swooping in with thousands of angels and fixing it.

Well, lets not forget that our actions have consequences. And evenĀ more importantly God knows us better then we know ourselves. Perhaps God knows that we have to experience all of this terrible stuff, we have to be beaten down and experience the full consequences of our actions, we have to be beaten down to our knees…before we are willing to look up.

God, more then anything, wants you to be saved. And because he knows everything about you; even how many hairs are on your head He knows what you must experience before you’ll return back to Him.

Even though these terrible “valleys” are hard to bare. I take solace knowing I have a God that, like a gracious parent, will let me experience what I need to so that I can be stronger in the end.