Women are not just helpful to the Lord’s church, they are absolutely critical! God has blessed women with certain skills, traits, and hearts that make them far superior then guys in certain parts of the Lord’s work.

  1. Benevolence
    1. While Jesus was in the tomb, the men were sleeping while the ladies were waiting by the tomb. Women thankfully have a carrying nature about them.
  2. Edification
    1. We all are to strengthen and encourage our fellow saints. We are to comfort, edify, bear one another’s burdens, and encourage others. Men certainly try and do this, but God again has blessed women with the right hearts and words to know how to empathize and edify their fellow saints.
  3. Evangelism
    1. Teaching those who have not obeyed the gospel is not just for men. When we teach others this doesn’t have to be from the pulpit. For instance Actis 18:26 talks about Aquila and Priscilla who taught Apollas. This was in a private setting, but they were working side by side. The Bible only limits women on teaching/leading in a public assembly (1 Timothy 2:12) but elsewhere we are all encouraged to teach the world throughout our day to day lives.

We should all be grateful for the strong women in the Church that have kind and generous hearts, who always have a word of encouragement and are willing to tell others about the Gospel. You are a blessing!