Sermons by Dale Foster

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Modern Day Pilgrims


As Christians we are pilgrims in this world. God doesn’t leave us without a spiritual road map. Dale explores 1 Peter 1:22-25 and the value of God’s inspired Word.

The Ten Commandments – New Testament?


The Old Testament is just as important for us to read today as it was for the Jews 3,000 years ago. We don’t live under the old law, but if it was written for our learning this brings the questions – Do the 10 Commandments still apply?   In┬áPrinciple YES!   Part 1 of this […]

Christ Centered Evangelism


Our love of Christ should motivate us to spread the Good News to all those we encounter. Paul encourages us in 2 Corinthians 2: 14-17 to tell everyone about the gospel, stay strong in times of trial, and refuse to be transformed by the world.

Proper Conduct as Obedient Children


Peter covers an unpopular subject by today’s standard – obedience. Yes God loves us. Yes God wants the best for us. But, God is also our heavenly Father who expects us to obey Him. Hear what God says about the subject through 1 Peter 1:14-21.



Life can be difficult. No doubt about it. Fortunately, the Bible is filled with encouragement for us – no matter what we are going through! Acts 4:36-37 provides a great dose of strength for us in this lesson.

A Living Hope


Why do Christians have the hope that they do? Why are they able to overcome obstacles, pain, and suffering? Peter explains about this Living Hope in 1 Peter 1:3-5.