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Positioned to Win


Are we letting God position us and use us so that we can WIN at this game we call life? In John 9, Jesus makes it very clear that the man that was blind from birth had been afflicted with this terrible loss of eye sight for one reason. That’s right. He tripped, fell, never […]

God Doesn’t Tear You Down

God’s word is not written to tear you down. If you’re exhausted, worn out, feeling torn down it is time to talk to Jesus. Anthony Fletcher goes over how Jesus hears our pleas and brings us up. In John 14 Jesus tells us how to live right by Him.

And the Word was God


John was introducing Jesus to the Gentile world…they didn’t know Jewish prophecy or anything about this coming Messiah. Referring to the writings of Isaiah wouldn’t mean a hill of beans to them. So what does John do? He relates to them in a way that they WILL understand. John Helbig from Longmire Road Church of […]

Jesus Will Fix It


Do you have burden’s that you think you can’t bear? Do you feel lonely or lost? Do you feel anxious or worried? Confused? Lonely? Empty Inside? No matter your problem, the solution is the same. Trust in Jesus’s presence – He is there. Trust in His promises – He has gone ahead of you to […]

My Place in the Plan of God


In John 17 Jesus prays for all of us before He started His journey to the cross. I was part of His plan before I was even born and so were you! God chose you! We were in God’s heart from the beginning. Everyday I wake up I’m part of something that was planned before […]

What Do We Know For Sure?


1 John 5:11-13 Why are there problems in the world? Because of Sin. There’s lots of fancy and elaborate “Psychobabel” explanations, but when you boil it down and look for the truth – the truth is Sin is the root of all of the world’s problems. Thus the only way to solve the problems of […]

Jesus, the Servant


Imagine this, God in the flesh, the most supreme, awesome, most high God. Get’s down on his knees. Draps a towel across his lap. And picks up your dirty, stinky, dusty feet. When He picks them up He doesn’t cringe. Doesn’t criticize your bunions or dirty toe nails. No, He diligently, patiently, lovingly wipes them clean, until […]

The Close of Jesus’ Public Ministry


Jesus was a failure. Would you agree with that statement? Most likely not. In fact, just reading it might make the hackles on the back of your neck rise up. But, when we read John’s gospel account, he makes it pretty clear that by “worldly” standards Jesus’s ministry at the time was mostly unsuccessful. 37 Even […]