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Stop Sign


It is so easy to cruise through life, not caring about anyone except yourself and to disregard God’s laws as basic rules to be loosely interpreted. Even as Christians we forget the encouragement that Paul provided that we should be completely “NEW” creatures – not living like we did, in sin, prior to putting on […]

Rejoice Anyhow


Rejoice in struggles, rejoice in blessings, rejoice no matter what because you have God’s grace. This is the message of Paul to the Phillipian church. Writing from jail, Paul encourages the Phillipians in Phillipians 4:4 to rejoice always. He lived what he preached, no matter what trials or difficulties Paul was under he found Joy […]

To Be Content


It’s easy to forget how much you’ve been blessed with. We’re all guilty of it. When we gripe about our “small house”, “broken car”, or a whole host of other things it’s easy to forget that we are blessed to have them in the first place. Paul reminds the Phillipians in chapter 4 : 11 […]

Wise Words for the Worrier

We all have stresses and worries. But, the physical AND spiritual harm these worries do to us is terrible! Research shows that 70% of America’s health problems would be cured if we just stopped worrying. Can you believe that? Any health care crisis would be eradicated! What’s even more interesting is that research again shows […]

Christ Centered Evangelism


Our love of Christ should motivate us to spread the Good News to all those we encounter. Paul encourages us in 2 Corinthians 2: 14-17 to tell everyone about the gospel, stay strong in times of trial, and refuse to be transformed by the world.

Keeping A Promise


It stinks to be lied to. To have friends and loved ones let you down. But, God does not ever let us down – He is faithful and just and keeps his promises. Paul speaks about Keeping a Promise in 2 Corinthians 9.

Somebody Loves Me


God knows us and loves us. He knows our frustrations, dreams, fears, and joys. He knows us. 1 Peter 3:12 tells us that His eyes are on us and ears open to us. His ears are open, but what are we saying? Usually we’re asking for money, comfort, a husband or wife, solutions to problems, […]

Follow The Leader


Are you in a leadership role? Maybe a manager at work or perhaps just the leader of your house. Ever wonder how to wield this power? What to do when you’re attacked? Well, as┬áPaul defended himself and his leadership against his jealous attackers – we get a great description of a strong leader. Good Leaders: […]

A Noticeable Difference in our Speech


We talk alot! Men on average say about 20,000 words a day and women about 30,000. So what are we using all those words for? Are we saying and thinking things that are helping us be stronger? In Paul’s closing remarks to the Colossians he helps encourage them to use their words for good and […]

Christ & Our Relationships


God has a blueprint laid out for a happy home. He knew that if our personal relationships are messed up, life will be very, very difficult. He also knows that people will do things to irritate, hurt, or upset us. We desperately need His help in maintaining happy and healthy relationships. Colossians 3:18 – 4:1 […]