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Feel Like Complaining?


Life can get hard. Things don’t go as planned. It’s easy to fall into the rut of grumbling and complaining. Ultimately though, complaining shows that you don’t trust God, you think He can’t or won’t take care of you, and that your will is more important than His. The Israelites continually struggled with this as well […]

Jesus Will Fix It


Do you have burden’s that you think you can’t bear? Do you feel lonely or lost? Do you feel anxious or worried? Confused? Lonely? Empty Inside? No matter your problem, the solution is the same. Trust in Jesus’s presence – He is there. Trust in His promises – He has gone ahead of you to […]

Foundation For a Strong Family


Do you ever feel conflicted? Perhaps faced with a parenting decision, not knowing which modern discpline system to use. Maybe in your day to day life you feel lonely, dejected, saddened, and you’re not sure why. You look around and you don’t know if the secret to your problem is that you’re not following “The […]