Mary Did You Know

The Greatest Cleaner


We normally think of blood as being an impossible stain to remove, something messy, and quite frankly disgusting to get on you. God however has a different perspective. In the Old Testament, He used blood as a sacrifice to roll people’s sins forward (not true forgiveness). Thankfully however – in the New Testament God uses […]

Wise Words for the Worrier

We all have stresses and worries. But, the physical AND spiritual harm these worries do to us is terrible! Research shows that 70% of America’s health problems would be cured if we just stopped worrying. Can you believe that? Any health care crisis would be eradicated! What’s even more interesting is that research again shows […]

God’s Tips for Enjoying Life


God doesn’t want you to be sad, discouraged, and depressed. Did you know that? In fact, He makes His plan abundantly clear in 1 Peter 3:8-9 and explains through Peter how we can be content and enjoy the life He gave us. Listen to Brother John as he explores this text.

Jesus: Cornerstone or Stumbling Block?


Peter warns us that for some Jesus will raise them up and be the cornerstone of their faith and life. But, for a great many others Jesus will be nothing more than a big, fat stumbling block. Read through 1 Peter 1: 4-10 to see what he means.

Modern Day Pilgrims


As Christians we are pilgrims in this world. God doesn’t leave us without a spiritual road map. Dale explores 1 Peter 1:22-25 and the value of God’s inspired Word.

The Ten Commandments – New Testament?


The Old Testament is just as important for us to read today as it was for the Jews 3,000 years ago. We don’t live under the old law, but if it was written for our learning this brings the questions – Do the 10 Commandments still apply?   In¬†Principle YES!   Part 1 of this […]

God Doesn’t Tear You Down

God’s word is not written to tear you down. If you’re exhausted, worn out, feeling torn down it is time to talk to Jesus. Anthony Fletcher goes over how Jesus hears our pleas and brings us up. In John 14 Jesus tells us how to live right by Him.

And the Word was God


John was introducing Jesus to the Gentile world…they didn’t know Jewish prophecy or anything about this coming Messiah. Referring to the writings of Isaiah wouldn’t mean a hill of beans to them. So what does John do? He relates to them in a way that they WILL understand. John Helbig from Longmire Road Church of […]

What Does it Mean to be In Christ?


God is the source of all blessings! In John 14:3 Jesus says that He is the way to God. It doesn’t matter what your race, gender, or language. If you are in Christ you are connected to God. Galatians¬†3:26 breaks down for us how to be “In Christ and live life as a child of […]

Christ Centered Evangelism


Our love of Christ should motivate us to spread the Good News to all those we encounter. Paul encourages us in 2 Corinthians 2: 14-17 to tell everyone about the gospel, stay strong in times of trial, and refuse to be transformed by the world.